Internet Strategies for Enhancing a Business Online

The World Wide Web is the world for me, and I am the President of this Ocean." - Rajender Verma, a Digital Marketing Professional with 15+ years of experience, who specializes in Digital Branding, Digital Political Campaign, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Social Bookmarking, Video Marketing, WordPress Blog Optimization, Search Marketing Strategy & Positioning Services, Reputation Management & Branding through Social Media, Web site design , Web Administration, and Maintenance.


Rajender Verma

8/3/20233 min read

Skyrocket Your Business with Online or Digital Marketing !

"The World Wide Web is the world for me, and I am the President of this Ocean... Cheers."

Today is the era of the digital or internet world, and online or web marketing is effective and profitable for any kind of business. A Web Marketing Strategy or Internet Marketing Strategy Specialist can play an important role in any business, and it is now necessary for all types of companies. Internet marketing can not only attract more people to your website but also increase customers for your business, enhance branding of your company and its products, increase your sales, and improve online reputation. A good marketing plan is essential and involves a complex relationship that leads to increased web traffic, new product promotion, company reputation, actual sales of goods, and the long-term position of the company.

I am an Online Digital Marketing Specialist, E-Business Analyst, and SEM Expert. Online Digital Marketing includes Internet Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Direct Online Marketing, Online Product Marketing and Promotion, Social Media Marketing, etc., to generate business for a company. As a leader, I have the ability and initiative to make informed decisions for online business growth.

As an E-Business Analyst, my main responsibilities include understanding the market through the internet to provide better services to end-users.

By education, I am an Information Technology Engineer B.Tech -IT and MBA in IT By Professional I am Digital Marketing Professional with 15+ years of experience.

Today, more than 95% of business people use the Internet or digital technology for their business. Online or digital marketing is the key to any business's growth, encompassing everything from SEO, SEM, SMO, ORM, etc. Many manufacturing companies use this technology for their business and to promote new products in marketing. Online marketing is also used for company and product reputation, and it can be referred to as an Online Reputation Management System. It yields the best results because the real world today is the WWW (World Wide Web), making it a significant marketing platform.

Digital or online marketing includes many aspects like SEO, SEM, ORM, SMO, Web Analyst, etc., and nowadays, it is necessary for any kind of business or company. Therefore, it is crucial to hire an Online Digital Marketing Professional for all types of companies, including manufacturing companies, export and import companies, tourism companies, IT companies, government sector, and public sector organizations.

The working profile of an Online or Digital Marketing Professional includes the following:

A. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

1. On-Page Optimization

· Title Tag/Meta Tag

· Headline Tag

· ALT Tag

· Important Keywords in Body

· Keywords Density

· Meta Tag(Description and Keywords Tags)

· Important Keywords in Bold, Underline Italic

· URL Optimization

· Robot.txt

· HTML Sitemap on Site

· Anchor Text

· 301 Redirects

2. Off-Page Optimization

· Keywords Research and analyis

· Market Research

· Manage Site Navigation and Directory Structure

· Page Name Suggestions

· Metatags

· Image Tag

· Search Engine Submission

· Directory Submission/Free One way Link

· Reciprocal Link

· Article Submissions

· Press Release

· Competitors Website Analysis

· Generate Sitemap.xml file for Google sitemap

· Generate Sitemap.xml file for Yahoo

· Website Traffic Analysis

· Blog Set-up & Promotion

· SEO Forum

· Local Business Listing

B. Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM):

· Social Media Bookmarking:

· Social Media Bookmarking for your BLOGS & ARTICLES

· Build Network

· Twitter

· LinkedIn

· Facebook

· Instagram

· Social Media Bookmarking

· Build Network on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook

C. Website Maintenance
D. Online Direct Marketing
E. Online Reputation Management
F. Google Analytics:

Includes monitoring and analysing Total Hits, Visitor Sessions, Page Views, Unique Visitors, Most Accessed Pages, Top Destination Paths, Top Search Engines, Top Search Phrases, Top Referral Search Engines, and more.

· Total Hits

· Visitor session

· Page Views

· Unique visitors

· Most accessed pages

· Most access directories

· Top destination paths

· Top search engines

· Top search phrases

· Top Referral Search Engines

· Suggestions and Reporting

· Search Engine Rankings Checker